Thursday, February 24, 2011

"The Yucatan Trova"

 On my recent trip to Mexico, I went to Mérida to see friends.  The anniversary of Mérida was being celebrated at the time with lots of music and dancing.  One especially charming custom is the parade of the Trova groups.  Everyone dresses up.

"The Yucatan Trova" is considered a national treasure, and is also the result of a literary and musical culture flourished between 1900 and 1940 Merida, at which time the serenades and veiled artistic formed an integral part of social life in that city."

"In Mexico, the tradition of trova takes the form of songs originated in the Yucatan peninsula, and generally known as “trova yucateca” or Yucatecan trova. These songs are considered a true national treasure. They were the result of a literary and musical cultural movement that took place in Mérida between 1900 and 1940. During this period, serenades and musical soirees were a key part of social life in the city. "
 The various unions march together, each group singing their own song.  The ladies wear their dress huipils which are richly embroidered and very fancy.

Calesas are also dressed up with flowers.

Most of the musicians are getting on in years.  This is a lovely tradition.  These musicians could be found on the zocalo waiting for people to hire them to play for parties or serenades for birthdays. This evening, we followed the musicians to the zocalo where they performed again and then fireworks were set off at midnight into the night sky.

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