Monday, February 28, 2011

The Contessa's Birthday

It's been almost three years since my kitty, The Contessa Carlotta de Cremona, came to live with me.  But her birthday is right about now.  I'm not sure of the exact date but I think it was near the end of February, possibly the 29th, since she is a leap year kitty.  She was nearly lost in the shuffle when the kittens were born.  She was found not breathing but was saved by her person.

She was a tiny, little peanut when she came home with me.  The first thing she did when I picked her up at home, was reach her little arms and give me a kiss on the chin.  She was a very entertaining kitten.  Play, play, play!  She could jump straight up like popcorn!

Play play play.  Sleep.

She really knows how to relax too.

She loves fresh air and exercise outside when the weather is nice.

She loves a cardboard box or a paper bag too.

She is a dainty, elegant cat.  Except when she is getting into mischief and tearing around like a crazycat.  She has also proved to be a good mouser and has remained a kissy cat into her adulthood.

She's not expecially fond of photos, but she loves a good nap.
Happy Birtday Lottie!

1 comment:

ParisBreakfasts said...

what a gorgeous little cat!
Lucky you to have her.
She's pretty lucky too.
A tie for sure