Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I arrived in Mérida with a reservation at a hotel near the Santa Lucia park, just a few blocks north of the zocalo.  As I trudged up 60th searching for my hotel, I found myself walking more north that I thought it should be.  Just as I was about to turn around and give it another try, I spotted this unusual spot.  Hotel Trinidad Galeria.  The minute I stepped into the lobby, I was enchanted.

Lobby - Hotel Trinidad Galeria

Here was an amazing conglomeration of art of all sorts in a spacious, plant filled room.  The whole hotel is a gallery of art and around every corner is a new visual treat.  Before taking a room, I like to have a look.  The tour included a look at the pool.

Pool - Hotel Trinidad Galeria

My room was tucked away from the street noise.  The room charge included breakfast in the morning.

Breakfast on the balcony

Two nice ladies were waiting to fix breakfast for the guests.  Toast, fresh fruit and coffee overlooking the lobby to one side and palms to the other.

This hotel was the brainchild of Manolo Rivero, a wealthy art collector who started with one old home in downtown Mérida and added on until the place rambles this way and that, full of art and other collectibles in a wonderful crazy collection.  Before his death, he also had several shows in the galleries in the hotel.  Guests at this hotel have included artist and film director Julian Schnabel, actor Dennis Hopper, the late Joe Glasco and an endless list of Mexican and Latin American artists.
An to think I had a reservation at another hotel!

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