Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pretty Things

It seems to be human nature to adorn ourselves. Pretty soon after people set up housekeeping in the caves, they started painting on the walls and picking up pretty rocks to wear.
Look at turquoise. You're walking around looking for good roots or a nice small mammal for dinner and in among the rocks is a pretty one the color of the sky or the ocean. How can you not pick it up and bring it home? Then one thing leads to another and you want someone to notice you or have something pretty and jewelry happens.
I have always loved pretty things. And I have always loved making things. And I guess that's why I make jewelry. Beads have become wildly popular and I'm along for the ride. The variety of smooth, sparkley, shiny, nacreous or glowing is endlessly facsinating
Well, you can just cram so much jewelry in your jewelry box until you realize things have gotten out of control. About when this was happening to me, I came to the realization that other people would pay for pretty things I'd made. I sold earrings on the beach and bartered in the shops on my last trip to Mexico.
Lately, I have my pieces in my friend's shop, Three Orange Doors. It's a fascinating past time. My favorite pieces are about something or especially for a friend. A good friend , studied hard to complete a course in massage and for her graduation I gave her a piece especially for her. I tried to add some magic and protection and strength. The mother of pearl tablet says "I love you" It has crystal, a silver spiral, turquoise, jade, amber, pearls and czech glass.
For another friend, Ursula, I made a bracelet. Here is the story that goes with Ursula's bracelet: Jade Bear: Jade is universally thought to bring good fortune and longevity, especially by the Chinese culture. The Chinese superstitions and legends abound around Jade. An especially tough stone, the clear sound of jade being struck is very beautiful. The Chinese thought it symbolized the five highest virtues: benignity, lucidity, resonance, immutability and purity.
Amethyst highlights: The stone of spirituality and contentment. Amethyst bestows stability, strength, invigoration, and peace, the peace being the perfect peace which was present prior to birth. It is warm and cuddly as well as regal and ruling. Calming, strong, protective qualities, healing, divine love and inspiration. It enhances one's psychic and creative abilities.
Moss agate lozenge: Moss Agate has been helpful to the farmer and when worn while planting, to ensure a good crop. It is often called the "Gardener's Stone". Moss Agate aligns itself with the Heart Chakra and is thought to help bring peace and balance to those with excessive duty in their lives.
Pearl highlights: Pearl is a soothing influence. It is said Pearls aid in digestion and may reduce the chance of developing ulcers. If used properly, said to lessen stress and related maladies (hypertension, headaches, and exhaustion) which may help prevent heart attacks and strokes.
Silver Cowrie Shell: The cowire shell is perhaps the most recognizable of African cultural and spiritual symbols. It is an item that we wear when we wish to portray the message that we are conscious, spiritual and fighting for the upliftment of Africans worldwide. They are used to make statements: social, cultural, spiritual and political. The intended symbolism of the cowrie depends on the context in which it is used. But regardless of its use, the cowrie always inspires admiration, respect and awe.
Smokey Topaz Faceted Stone: Topaz acts to initiate faith and to further the quest for the enlightened state. It attracts people toward one for friendship or business. It used in the treatment of disorders of the liver, gall bladder, and endocrine glands.
Tree Agate Leaves: Tree Agate brings plenty, including crops/agricultural ventures and in business. It is considered a "centering" gemstone that provides for communication and finding peace with the earth.
Rhodochrosite Flower: Rhodochrosite has been called a "Stone of Love and Balance", providing balancing and love on all levels for all bodies. It contains pulsating electrical energy which emits the strongest power in the universe, the power of love. Rhodochrosite is also an Earth stone for healing of the Earth and for showing love to the Mother of us all. It helps one to serve the planet in Her time of need, allowing for one to recognize that the responsibility is actually a joy.
Flat oval Serpentine: Ancient Romans used it as a protective stone against the powers of darkness. In ancient civilizations of America, serpentine was considered a guardian of vital energy and a protector of the soul against invisible powers.
Labrodite heart: Metallic iridescent. It brings forth each wearer’s strengths to share with the world originality, easier and more restful sleep. Labradorite helps us relate to others. It opens energy flow to Solar plexus and brow chakra and whatever other centers are most in need.
(We each have one. I loved it so much I had to make my own!)

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