Monday, May 28, 2012

Huexotzincatzin Prince of Texcoco, 1484

Inspired By Flowers by Richard Dunkley

Ustedes Me dicen, entonces que tengo que perecer...
como también las flores que cultivé perecerán.

¿De mi nombre nada quedará, nadie mi fama recordará?

Pero los jardines que planté son jóvenes y crecerán...

Las canciones que cante ¡Cantándose seguirán!

Príncipe de Texcoco, 1484

Must I go on just like this
like the flowers that perish?

Will nothing remain of my name?

Nothing of my fame here on earth?

At least flowers, at least songs!

Prince of Texcoco, 1484

Inspired By Flowers. by Richard Dunkley

I found this poem in an airline magazine, on my way to Mexico.  The article said this poem was on the wall of the Museo de Antropologia in Mexico City. I liked it so much, I wanted to see it and also had neglected to rip of the magazine.  I got in a taxi and told the taxi driver about the poem and off we went.  We didn't find the poem on the wall but he had a copy of Azteca that he was reading and this very poem was on the front page.  Serendipitous?  I think so!


Unknown said...

My favorite ❤

Unknown said...

yes, i agree it is beautiful. but is Spanish has more meaning perhaps because is my native language or because the way is been translated.